Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Last Day- Our trip

This was our last night on the beach. Our favorite thing about the trip was our days we spent on the beach. Right before we were about to pack up our beach things for the last time, Bear suddenly panicked that he hadn't made a sand castle. So Daddy helped him throw one together and he loved it. He topped it off with his "magic stone" (that he found on the beach and wouldn't be parted with- it even came home with us).
Jeff and I spent the last evening (after the beach) packing up all the stuff scattered around the condo. It took a few hours and we completely ignored and then indulged the children to keep them happy. So at 9:30 when they realized they hadn't eaten their little ice cream cups, we let them go for it. When we came back into the room this is what we found. Our kids in mini sugar comas. You can even see the ice cream dripping pathetically from Jojy's face and clothes.
All packed up. Off for what would be a horrid drive... but somehow still worth it. Bye California!
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skcoe said...

At least the comas were just mild. Totally permissable.