Friday, April 25, 2008

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a Bear

Everyone, I'd like you to meet Bear's eyebrow.

That's right, that's eyebrow, singular, not plural.

He was about three when I took these pictures, but nothing has changed.
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skcoe said...

Maybe for his fifth birthday you should have gotten him a waxing at the local salon?

Awww, I think it's cute! Furry, yes. Cute, also yes.

Aubs said...

What beautiful..I mean handsome big brown eyes! Great pictures to show off his eyes & lashes.
You could use a little nose hair trimmer (mine is a flat head instead of a round one. I've seen both...and yes I use a nose hair trimmer. It has many uses for me) & trim it...if it bugs you too much.

audge said...

I love that cute eyebrow...he is a handsome devil.

Bryan and Marissa said...

Ahh nice uni I love it! It doesn't matter though he is sooo handsome!

Laura said...

Hehe. So I know he gets some of that from our side of the family, but that thing is amazing! Did he get a double whammy from you and Jeff? Wow. But, I totally agree with the above comments- it in no way cuts down on his cuteness. He is so adorable and his funny little personality just shoots out of these pictures. I love Fuzzy Wuzzy!