Thursday, April 10, 2008

Just another day at the beach- Our trip

Naughty little baby. The tent was supposed to prevent him from getting into the sand. It was also supposed to prevent sand from getting into our bag and towels. All those purposes are defeated when trouble pants scoots forward and brings handfuls of sand into the tent. Hahaha! You can see all his little finger marks.
Jojy looks absolutely tiny when next to this vast ocean.
Nanos and I collected sea shells for a project for school.
This is our magnificent sand castle decorated with some of the tiny sea shells we'd found that just happen to look a lot like Lee Press-on nails.
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Laura said...

Oh, Gabey! He's so cute, even his little finger marks in the sand are adorable! I laughed so hard at the "trouble pants" line! It's funny 'cause it's true.

Cathy said...

I hate you. You have the prettiest legs! Jerk. You look great in that picture of you and Nanos on the beach. And you captured that picture of Gabey playing in the sand perfectly. It couldn't be cuter or any more funny.

skcoe said...

LOVE the pictures of you guys and the sunset behind the ocean. You look great, and Jojy DOES look so amazingly little!