Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sea World- Our trip

We love Sea World every time we go. The food prices are absolutely ridiculous, but other than that, the day was completely pleasant.

1-Entering the park. Kids love big animal costumes. Why?
2- The polar experience is becoming a fast favorite during our visits. The polar bears were wrestling and it was fun to see them playing together.
3-My scary little polar bears in their cave.
4- My very favorite thing are the Beluga whales. Their swimming is hypnotic.
5- The Sea Lions were being fed when we passed, so we got to seem them going nuts and fighting over the fish. This one refused to come to the wall to fight the competition- he just sat on the rock and barked and wailed until someone finally would give in every few minutes and toss him something. It was so funny.
6- After the Shamu show- during this show is when the baby learned to clap. It was so cute, he suddenly straightened up, looked around at the applauding audience, and something clicked in his tiny mind and started to clap. Hahaha. I probably only find it funny cause I'm the mom.
7-I swear these dolphins swam right up and looked at my big boys. They just stayed there staring at them. It was very cool.
8- This is were you can pet the bat rays. Bear bear loved it- we bought a tray of fish to feed them too.
9- One of the rays flapped it's wing right near the surface and drenched poor Nanos! It was very funny.
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Janet said...

It looks like SeaWorld was a hit!How did Bear and Jojy do? I really want to go down to SeaWorld when we go to Cali, but we're afraid it will be another San Diego Zoo experience.