Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Condo- Our trip

Since we were there for so many days, we stayed at a couple hotels, but the longest stay was at this condo on Mission Bay. I wanted a condo especially so we could do laundry and have a kitchen. Eating out would have been ridiculously expensive (not like the rest of the trip wasn't). I loved this condo! It was pretty and comfortable and sunny with all it's windows. Aaahhhhh.

This is the patio off the bedroom.
This is the view from the patio- look how close we were to the beach!


skcoe said...

I'll have to get the name of the condo from you so that when we FINALLY go to CA we'll have a dreamy place to stay.

Aubs said...

this looks beautiful. I LOVE the view. So pretty & pictureistic (I don't think that is how you spell that)