Thursday, April 10, 2008

Easter Sunday- Our trip

San Diego Temple. Beautiful, no?
Again, AWWWWW!!!! This shot was totally candid.
We did our egg hunt in the sand.
Bear pretended he was a bird protecting his nest- he's so weird.

Look at those cute little piggies!

He's so handsome.


skcoe said...

LOVE the beach pictures in Sunday Clothes! What a cute idea, and captured beautifully.

Aubs said...

Wow these are so cute! I love them! I love the one of them all sitting down on the sand with the waves & the blue sky behind them.
Oh my gosh! You need to blow that on up.

audge said...
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audge said...

Wow...your boys are so handsome. The pictures are truly breathtaking.

Chadderdon Clan said...

These are awesome photos!